What is the Elevation Platform?

The Elevation Platform is an ecosystem of business, shopping, training, advertising and trading. We offer the opportunity to buy, sell, exchange, advertise and get trained on one platform.

The Elevation platform accommodates many features that enhance business promotions as well as equipping people with relevant skills that can place them at the level of earning from multiple streams of income online.

We practically focus on:
(1) Online Shopping,
Cryptocurrency Training (The Crypto Academy),
Business Advertising,
(4) Exchange of Currencies


Shop in Our Online Store

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Our Online Store has your favourite products

When our online store is fully ready, it will allow people to place orders on digital contents as well as other goods that can be delivered to various specified locations within our distribution network.

Join Our Crypto Academy

The Elevation platform will also run a cryptocurrency academy; this is aimed at teaching people to know the basics of cryptocurrency and how to start trading and making profits as soon as possible. Our cryptocurrency academy will run online and offline; students all over the world will be linked up to learn on our platform.

Advertise your business and other contents

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We can expose your business to the world

As soon as we attract massive traffic on our platform, we shall open up slots for businesses and various organizations to run their adverts on our website. Although this will be subject to some terms and conditions, we shall certainly attract massive traffic and attention that will give value to any advert slot we are giving out.

Exchange Various Currencies

Online trading

Currently, we are in talks with some good and reputable exchanges to list the Elevation Token for reliable trading, we are following up to ensure that EVT will be listed without delay. We also have plans to run a mini exchange for some selected cryptocurrencies. More details coming soon on this.


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