Dear EVT Investors and Enthusiasts,

It’s a very good time to write to you all; this update is aimed at putting things correctly as they ought to be. Please read with keen interest and concentration.

Firstly, let me once again appreciate everyone who has supported this project in one way or the other, especially our Pre-Sale investors who are now holding some thousands of EVT and those who participated in our Airdrop and helped to promote the project, 50EVT will be sent to your Eth Wallet during our token distribution after public sale.

There is no doubt, The Elevation Platform is a very special project that will actually Elevate a lot of people, moving them from where they are now, to where they ought to be. In a null shell, we are leaving this level for the next and it keeps getting better and higher gradually.


As stated earlier, we shall commence the Public Sale from 8th Dec. ICO period runs from 8th Dec 2018- 28th Feb. 2019 and we will make sure that EVT gets to every interested investor, in spite of location and time.
Also, as stated earlier, Our ICO shall offer each EVT at $0.1 and minimum purchase is $20.

Let me briefly remind all those reading this that this project is a very practical mission with real use cases and real world applications, that’s why we are so confident about the future of The Elevation Platform.

The Elevation Platform is a combination of various services that will soon give real credibility and authenticity to cryptocurrency; most crypto investors have gone through a lot of mockery and shame trying to save and uphold their investments in one way or the other, but several circumstances beyond their control keep breaking and pulling
back the credibility of their investments.

Let me quickly share some very special points that make The Elevation Platform stands out of numerous crypto projects in the market today.

1. Our Online store shall enable all holders of EVT to purchase real goods with ease; the world will experience real life shopping with cryptocurrency; it’s never been done, at least not very consistent.

2. Our Cryptocurrency Academy shall not only run like an online school, but we shall establish study centers all over the world. You will see real schools with dedicated instructors, teaching cryptocurrency investment, crypto and forex trading, no doubt, the
world will come to appreciate cryptocurrency again and again.

3. For the very first time, crypto investors can have peace of mind when they store EVT tokens in their wallets. The Elevation Token already has an official price tag $0.5 and this will make it stand out of the numerous fluctuating coins in the market today. Please read our white paper and see how we have planned to retain the price of EVT
with our products and services worldwide. EVT will never be manipulated by FUD or false news, neither will it be subject to the upward or downward movement of the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum, EVT shall thrive as an independent and stable currency with it’s market, customers and investors.

4. Our Advertising shall give real value and help to promote several businesses across the world. With several people shopping and others learning and some people exchanging currencies on our website, the traffic will be massive and that will interest a lot of business owners. Fixing a banner or a logo of their business on our website will certainly attract several users to their websites and businesses. In all, it’s going to be a win-win game for everyone- the investors, partners, shoppers, learners, advertisers and various individuals who will in one way or the other associate with The Elevation Platform.

I see 2019 as that very year that will see the emergence of real valuable crypto projects, The Elevation Platform will certainly create a pathway to herald an era or real world applications powered by good cryptocurrency projects, backed by good and experienced team, a rich roadmap, a detailed white paper and most especially, a stable token/coin.

Please, don’t miss our ICO, it’s will be a great opportunity to align with real valuable
assets that can turn your life around forever. Grab some EVT and keep them for the future, you will be very glad you did. In the future, you will realise that having EVT is just just walking about with gold in your pocket.

Once again, prepare your investment funds, get set to dive in as soon as we declare the door open for public sale. Grab enough and spread the good news about The Elevation Platform.

Also, our Airdrop is still on; complete the following tasks below to get 50EVT worth $25.

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Elevation… Moving higher.

Thanks for reading,
Matthew Aigbe, CEO/Founder,
The Elevation Platform.
For The Elevation Team.