About us

THE ELEVATION PLATFORM is the online Portal of SUPER ELEVATION INTEGRATED VENTURES. We are officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria.
Registration ID: RC- 2684508

Operational Office Address:
KM 18, Airport Road, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt.

To build a business that serves the public and creates an ecosystem that meets the needs of the masses, through several integrated services.

To improve the pattern and procedures of shopping, advertising, training and currency exchange in a modern digital world. We are committed to creating a standard for business transactions online and offline.

The Elevation Platform, as well as SUPER ELEVATION INTEGRATED VENTURES is committed to Four (4) basic services, which include:
(1) Online and Local Shopping
(2) Crypto Training
(3) Business Advertising
(4) Currency Exchange

We didn’t wake up suddenly to start building or developing another token or cryptocurrency, there are thousands of coins/tokens in the market already and a lot more will still be coded into various blockchain networks; but this project is actually like ‘a correction’ project/token.                                 .

This project is aimed at proving to the world that CRYPTOCURRENCY IS REAL.
Also, this project will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that PEOPLE CAN STILL MAKE HUGE PROFITS FROM ICOs AND CRYPTOCURRENCY.

This project will reassure all those who have lost confidence in online investment as well as cryptocurrency investment and trading, proving to them that their losses can still be recovered with a good project like this.

A lot of people have lost money in the past because of wrong investments.
While these investments looked so promising at first, they later turned out to be shallow projects with no reasonable product to back up the token’s value.

Investors had no other choice than to sell off, dump everything and abandon the project. This is the actual game with very many projects that started way back late 2017 and early 2018; many of them are dead and some are in coma now – no reasonable output, no product, no value and no profit. This goes to prove one big fact: *Don’t waste your money and time on tokens/coins with good name and hype, but no reasonable project/product to back them up.*

The real problem is that Airdrops and free coins draw much attention to projects and people become carried away by the hype without doing a thorough investigation and research about the project itself. Hypes will come and go but what about your money and investment?

Doing a thorough research and understanding a project is more important than rushing in to try and take some profits. This is why I advice everyone here right now, please, don’t ever invest in any project if you don’t understand what it’s all about. Again, please DON’T INVEST ANY MONEY IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE WHITEPAPER [Very Important].
Even on the Elevation Project, we need your understanding of our vision and mission more than we need your money.                                    .

The big problem right now is that very many projects have no value because there is no use case to back them up. Many project developers only code/build their coins/tokens, not the actual project. When ICO is done, investors keep waiting and waiting and they also keep getting empty promises with no real work to add value to the project.

Also, most crypto developers have made cryptocurrency look like a pseudo-online-joke, run by various puppeteers. Everything starts and ends online; developers are either anonymous or hidden or they are locked up in their closet – no shows, no seminars, no real public events to create awareness at all; the project starts and ends on their website alone.

This unfair drama reveals that there are some greedy scammers behind the scene, with the intention of accumulating thousands of Dollars, Bitcoins and Ethereum into their pockets, but their project has no real world evidence; it doesn’t present real products and cannot interest or attract the masses.

The Elevation Platform is aimed at correcting these anomalies.
We are here to put things right and run the game the way it ought to be

(1) Online and Offline Shopping:
[Easy conversion of other currencies to EVTs]
Over the years, there has been a challenge of shopping online with various currencies in the world. Many online stores have limited variety of accepted currencies and they shut out all those without such currencies. While we also maintain and adhere to accepting only our Elevation Tokens (EVTs) for the purchase of goods and payment for services on our platforms, we shall integrate a mini exchange into our platform to accommodate several other currencies (both Crypto and fiat) that buyers may come with.

Our mini exchange will convert your digital (or fiat) currencies to our Elevation Tokens (EVTs) with ease and you can shop immediately on our platform. With this idea, we will accommodate all kinds of people from various parts of the world and shopping will be limitless.

(2) Turning Delivery Centers to Local Stores:
[Not just online, but visible in your locality]
Most online stores usually don’t have a physical base or location where goods are stocked, they only have delivery centers to pick up goods after buyers have paid online. This is because their goods are limited or there is no visible warehouse. While we plan to start with the online store and some delivery centers, we shall gradually turn those delivery centers to real local stores (filled with goods). People can easily walk into our local stores and make purchases directly and pick up their goods immediately with their EVTs. With this idea, we would serve both online shoppers and other people in various locations where our local stores exist.

3. Training Non-Crypto Enthusiasts:
[Reaching out to those who have never heard of Bitcoin or EVT]

Our online and local stores as well as our Crypto Academy will be structured to process payments only with our Elevation Tokens (EVTs) cryptocurrency. What about those who are non Crypto-literate? What happens to the common man on the street who knows nothing about Bitcoin or Ethereum or Elevation Token, yet he desires to shop with us? Should we shut him out because he knows nothing about Crypto? No!
An agent at the online or local store can quickly coach the person on how to get some EVTs and make payments instantly. After the brief coaching and shopping, the agent then recommends that he should improve on his Crypto knowledge in our Crypto academy. Such a person can enroll in our Crypto academy and be trained successfully on how cryptocurrency works and how to use it. This is why our Crypto academy is very important.

(4) Business Advertisement:
[A platform to showcase your Business to the World]
We anticipate that our services shall attract massive traffic to our website. People will conveniently do multiple transactions on our integrated platform with ease. Our advertising section will be very busy promoting several businesses and various organizations online and offline and they will pay us with Elevation Tokens (EVTs).
Several advertising slots will be available on our general portal, online store portal, Crypto academy portal and our mini exchange portal.