Road Map

The Elevation Team will be very busy with several activities and events to ensure that the project works out successfully.

Etherscan LogoMay 2018
The Elevation Dream is Born

October 2018
Coin coded and launched into Ethereum Blockchain

November 2018
Airdrop / Bounty rewards begin

December 2018

January 2019

February-March 2019
Coin Distribution/ Exchange Listing

April 2019
Online Store Beta Testing

June 2019
Online Crypto Academy Beta Testing

July 2019
Online Store Full Launch & EVT integration

August 2019
Opening Product Delivery Centers

September 2019
Online Crypto Academy Full Launch & EVT integration

October 2019
Local Stores Opening

November 2019
Elevation Debit Card Beta Testing

December 2019
Elevation Mobile App Beta Testing

January 2020
Worldwide Publicity and Events

March 2020
Partnership Announcements

July 2020
Elevation Offices Opening Worldwide

October 2020
Commence the development of Elevation Blockchain ecosystem